Financial Advice

Reap the benefits of working with a financial adviser / financial planner

There is one thing none of us can ever get back in this life, and it isn’t money. It’s time. Whether for you that means time with your children, time to travel, or time to enjoy forgotten hobbies, money gives us freedom to have more time to do what we love. 

When you build and protect your wealth, you open up exciting new possibilities for your future. Possibilities such as early retirement, new ventures, travel, and generosity towards family and community. 

At FWD Financial, we partner with you to devise and implement smart strategies that achieve your life goals. From investment portfolios to superannuation, budgeting, philanthropy, estate planning and more – we’re with you every step on your journey to wealth creation.

Why choose FWD Financial as your financial adviser to manage your wealth

Money saving

Make small changes that deliver big results. 

Smart investments

Considered investments with a proven record of success.


A completely tailored service designed to meet your specific needs.

There for the journey

Ongoing reviews to ensure your investment strategy stays on track.

Retirement planning

Plan to retire early or find out if you can retire now.

Socially responsible

As part of our values, a percentage of our profits go directly to charity.

Track your finances at home and on the go
with our mobile app

Access your own wealth portal

Take control of your finances and track your wealth with our mobile wealth portal. Exclusively for FWD Financial clients, our app provides a snapshot of your personal finances in real time. 

Get a live snapshot of your entire financial world

Keep track of everything you own and owe with a live view of your personal finances.

Use smart money tracking for better budgeting

Stay on top of your money with auto-categorised transactions and monthly budget reports.

Save time with productivity tools

From managing documents to organising to-dos, your portal is packed with tools to make your financial life easier.

Tracking Finances App

Say hello to your financial world’s new command centre.

 Set yourself up for success with the portal’s powerful organisation, analytics, and collaboration tools.

Bank level security – We use the same levels of encryption as banks and other financial institutions.

Ask us about our Wealth Portal today.

Work with an investment and retirement adviser you can trust. Contact us for a consultation.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.


Partner with a financial adviser who gets you.

We’re all headed in different directions in life. But when you’re seeking a direction that will ultimately lead to financial freedom, you need a financial planner who can help you turn that dream state into a practical plan. 

At FWD Financial, we make a point to get to know our customers at the deepest level so we can design a strategy that accounts for their: 

  • family obligations
  • appetite for risk
  • past challenges 
  • future goals

We want to know about the legacy you wish to leave, so we can lay the foundations and set a course that enables you to take every new step forward with confidence. 

Why choose FWD Financial as your financial adviser

Future focussed

See the value in what you do now to achieve the life you want tomorrow.

Wealth generation

Draw on our depth of experience to make smart investment decisions.

Zero fuss

Leave the complexity and demands of your financial management to us.

I have always found Anthony to be very approachable, totally professional and very caring in our business dealings. Anthony makes contact with me often, to ascertain whether I am comfortable with how my retirement investments are prospering. He goes out of his way to ensure that I and my wife are satisfied with the personal service he provides. We are so happy.

Work with an investment and retirement adviser you can trust. Contact us for a consultation.